Will Bron Breakker be world champion by 2026?

WWE: Bron Breakker has made massive strides on the main roster in a short period. The star wrestler is likely to be the Intercontinental Champion soon. He could get a title shot at the World Championship by a year.

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Will Bron Breakker be world champion by 2026?
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Bron Breakker has come of age in different rosters. His days in NXT were brilliant and got him on the main roster. After Royal Rumble 2024, the aggressive wrestler made it to Smackdown and got drafted to Raw. Bron has been brilliant in his stint in Raw so far. He has been projected as a force to reckon with and someone who can take out the best in the roster.

His fiery nature has got him a shot at the Intercontinental Championship. At Money in the Bank 2024, Breakker will be competing for his first mid-card title. There is a good chance of him dethroning Sami Zayn as it could lead to the latter moving into the story of the Bloodline. He might well elevate the IC title further and put himself in contention for the world title.

There is no doubt that Bron Breakker would be a future world champion. He will be the title holder on numerous occasions. But it is worth wondering if he is ready to hold the weight of the fans as of now. The most impressive aspect of Bron is his speed. Given his weight and stature, it is almost impossible for a wrestler to be as athletic and operate at the speed Bron does. 

Capable of world champion despite the criticism

Bron is decent to good on the mic. He might have to work a bit on it. There is a bit of criticism from a certain section of the audience on his in-ring skills. But for those who have seen him wrestle in NXT, it would not be a concern. Bron can wrestle well and carry opponents to a great match. It seems like Bron is ready to conquer the world very soon if given an opportunity.

The best way in which WWE can book Bron for the world title would be to hand him over the Money in the Bank briefcase in 2025. If not that, making him win the Royal Rumble 2026 could also work. In all honesty, Bron should become a world champion by 2026, given how WWE has projected him in the last few months. It could well be the reality. 

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