Shawn Michaels confirms Stephanie Vaquer joining WWE NXT

WWE: Shawn Michaels confirmed a big announcement through his post on X. The NXT's top official let the fans know of Stephanie Vaquer signing the contract with NXT.

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Shawn Michaels confirms Stephanie Vaquer joining WWE NXT

Shawn Michaels confirms Stephanie Vaquer joining WWE NXT (Source: X)

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Shawn Michaels made a massive announcement on X. NXT's top official confirmed that Stephanie Vaquer has signed a contract with WWE. It comes following the Chile-based wrestler was stripped off her titles on CMLL and NJPW. The news taken the internet on storm and the fans can't wait to see Stephanie in NXT. It might be a huge deal for the Women's division of WWE.

Vaquer is one of the best Women's wrestlers currently. She recently appeared on AEW Forbidden Door as they NJPW Strong Women's Champion. However, she was booked to lose the title vs title match to Mercedes Mone. As her contract with the past company came to an end, the star wrestler decided to make a move to the bigger territory. 

At NXT Heatwave, she was reportedly seen in the backstage and had a bit of an interaction with Shawn Michaels. It took no time for NXT to come up with the announcement. It will be a massive addition for the women's roster in WWE which continues to grow with the addition of several good wrestlers. In the upcoming days, one can expect terrific things from the new signings.

Giulia vs Stephanie Vaquer on NXT!

Stephanie would be hoping to finish the unfinished business with Giulia. The two were in NJPW and had some memorable feuds. At NXT, the duo can take their rivalry to a whole new level and ensure the quality of the entire division goes a notch or two higher. There was a reason why a mid card title was highly essential on NXT.

In the upcoming days, the duo of Giulia and Vaquer might change the face of NXT and make the women's division better than the men's. Giulia is likely to make her debut on NXT in the next few weeks. If Stephanie makes her debut in a similar time frame, it could lead to a massive interaction among the fans. A new chapter is set to be written on NXT that can impact the future of the company.

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