Giulia unlikely to make her debut on NXT Heatwave but set to appear soon

WWE: Giulia has not debuted on NXT, yet despite her contract being confirmed in April 2024. She is unlikely to appear on Heatwave, but Giulia might soon make her debut.

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Giulia unlikely to make her debut on NXT Heatwave but set to appear soon

Giulia unlikely to make her debut on NXT Heatwave but set to appear soon (Source: X)

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Giulia is reportedly set to make her NXT debut. The rumour is that she might not appear on Heatwave straightaway but is likely to appear on NXT in the next few weeks. A report claimed that Giulia's WWE debut is around the corner. There has been a delay in the debut of the Japanese wrestler, but the fans might finally get to witness her in the ring.

The NJPW wrestler could not make her debut as soon as one would have liked. She suffered a right wrist injury while taking part in a match in May, which has delayed her WWE debut. She appeared in the promotion of Rossy Ogawa before her debut in WWE. After she returns from Japan, Giulia is likely to make her debut on the yellow brand.

The report claimed that Giulia might not feature in the PLE but there is a chance of her returning to action during the Summerslam weekend. "The expectation is that Giulia will feature on the next NXT Premium Live Event, but there has been no confirmation on when that will be, although NXT sources believe SummerSlam weekend is a likely landing spot for NXT’s next PLE," claimed the report.

Will Giulia get the NXT Women's title shot straight away?

The report has further hinted at the star wrestler getting a potential title shot at the NXT Women's Championship as soon as she makes her debut. However, the report only guessed it and did not confirm it. "Everything is on the table for how Giulia could debut on the brand, with an NXT Women’s Title challenge still expected but not guaranteed," added the report.

Giulia signed the contract with WWE during the WrestleMania XL weekend. She was found in the stands during NXT Stand and Deliver with William Regal. A few days after that, her signing with WWE was confirmed. However, there has been a longer delay in her WWE debut than expected. The management has high hopes for her and expectations are to take the roster on fire.

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