Rhea Ripley set to make her comeback on WWE RAW

WWE: The Judgement Day member has been absent for 50 days, but fresh intel suggests she is on the verge of returning. 

Varun Sarwate
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 Rhea Ripley (Source: ESPN)

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When Rhea Ripley made her last appearance for WWE, she lost the Women's World Championship. The Judgement Day member has been absent for 50 days, but fresh intel suggests she is on the verge of returning. 

During a confrontation with current champion Liv Morgan, the Eradicator injured his shoulder. After many weeks away, Ripley recently revealed that she has started gym training, and it was speculated that the 27-year-old might be back in time for a SummerSlam battle in early August.

It was previously disclosed that Eli Theseus and Gabriel Aeros, who were once involved in the Australian indie movement, are lifelong friends of Rhea Ripley and her fiancé Buddy Matthews. Known as the independent tag team The Parea, the Australian-Greek pair has backed Rhea at WWE events.

Theseus posted a picture of the group hanging out at The Dark Arts Pro Wrestling & Muay Thai Gym, which is owned by Zelina Vega of WWE and Malakai Black of AEW, on Instagram this week. As per Sportskeeda, "In order to achieve greatness, you must surround yourself with the greats. Buddy & Rhea [red drop emoji] #judgmentday #houseofblack #theparea #family #wrestling," Eli Theseus wrote with the photo seen below.

Ripley and Matthews have been dating since at least 2022. Since August of last year, the Australian celebrities have been engaged.

Damian Priest be a single top heel champion - Jim Cornette

Despite Rhea Ripley's injuries, Judgement Day is still a formidable WWE faction, however the group is going through some growing pains. Because Damian Priest is the current World Heavyweight Champion, he and Finn Balor have disagreements. Countless others, including the venerable Jim Cornette, think The Archer of Infamy ought to stay a heel and be promoted as a single star.

He argued his point with the most recent Jim Cornette Experience.

According to Sportskeeda, "No, actually I hope they would have been putting more heel heat on him a little bit instead of having him still play with the children since Rhea's gone and Dominik is gone. Why not let Finn and JD [McDonagh] do whatever they need to do and let Damian Priest be a single top-heel champion before we go turning him? Because the problem is the more over you are as a heel, the more over you are when you become a babyface or vice versa," Jim Cornette said.

In the main event of Clash at the Castle: Scotland, Priest will square off against Drew McIntyre to defend his title. For the June 15 PLE, Balor is not yet reserved.

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