Otis teases attack on Chad Gable after losing to Sami Zayn on Monday Night Raw

WWE: Otis nearly attacked Chad Gable in the latest episode of Monday Night Raw. After losing his match to Sami Zayn, the number one guy of Gable was forced to attack Sami.

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Otis teases attack on Chad Gable after losing to Sami Zayn on Monday Night Raw

Otis teases attack on Chad Gable after losing to Sami Zayn on Monday Night Raw (Source: X)

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Otis nearly teased an attack on his master Chad Gable in the latest episode on Monday Night Raw. The match between Sami Zayn and Otis was scheduled to take place on Raw. Before the match, Sami took to the dressing room of Alpha Academy to see if Tozawa and Maxxine Dupri were doing well. Zayn was happy to know that the duo was recovering well.

The Intercontinental Champion got to see Otis, his opponent for the night, and apologized for everything they have been undergoing in the last few weeks. While Otis acknowledged it, Zayn let him know that they did not have to be with a toxic master like Chad. The champion asserted the same when he entered the ring and claimed Gable to be Egoistic, Selfish, Manipulative, and cares for none.

Gable reversed it on Sami Zayn and claimed it was the IC Champion who was a manipulator a she believed him to try to create rifts between the members of the Academy. He wanted Otis to bring his version to take out Sami in the match. As Otis took on Sami in the match, Chad let out tantrums and constantly got on the head of his teammate during the match against Sami.

Otis loses to Sami Zayn

It forced Otis to not concentrate on the match. As Chad asked Otis to take out Sami, the IC Champion delivered a Helluva Kick out of nowhere and pinned the mighty wrestler to claim a win. Tozawa and Dupri came to watch out if Otis was alright. Chad Gable was angry at the loss and started to attack Sami soon after the result. He sent Tozawa and Maxxine out of the ring.

Chad asked Otis to deliver the clothesline to Zayn. Initially, the Alpha Academy member declined to obey his master. But as the Perc Gable forced him to do so, Otis had no option but to attack Zayn. As Chad seemed happy with it, Otis turned against Gable. The master seemed scary with the thought and begged mercy. Otis thought it to be for another day and left the ring. 

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