Rumors for the day: Chad Gable's contract, Rhea Ripley's rehab, and so on

Pro Wrestling: As usual, we have come for the latest version of rumours. Some reports are making huge claims about the future or some stars in the company.

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It is time to look at some of the top rumours for the day. Like always, we have some reports that have made huge claims. While some of them might be true, others might not be. Here are such rumours for the day.

Rhea Ripley is currently away from action due to a shoulder injury she sustained from Liv Morgan. A lot of things have transpired since then. Earlier reports suggested her to undergo a surgery. The latest rumour is that Mami is undergoing rehab to be back in action. It is being claimed that she might return to action in the next few months. If required, she can be available a bit earlier.

While she is not scheduled to be at Summerslam, she could arrive if there is a need. Chad Gable's current contract with WWE is set to end later this month. The latest report is that the Stamford-based company has offered a massive deal for the Alpha Academy member. After AEW showed its interest in having Gable their roster, WWE seems to have thrown its dice.

AEW interested in signing Ross and Marshal Von Erich

While AEW is interested in signing Gable, it might be impossible as the top heel is unlikely to be a free agent. AEW seems to be interested in singing Ross and Marshal Von Erich as per a report. A WBD source has claimed that AEW is happy with the improvement in the audience, ratings, and demo of Dynamite in the last four weeks. 

According to the latest policy, wrestlers who are not from AAA but are Mexican-born can take part in the shows of NJPW, CMLL, and AEW. Rey Fenix took part in an episode of Dynamite due to his association with AAA. But there is no clarity on where RUSH falls.

Though he appeared on Dynamite, he did not wrestle. It seems like CMLL does not have a problem with Mexican wrestlers appearing on the roster for segments, but the same cannot be said about the matches. 


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