WATCH: Jey Uso and Jimmy Uso get emotional as they speak about Roman Reigns

WWE: In a video which was presented as a tribute by the company to celebrate the 1300+ days reign of Roman Reigns, Jey Uso and Jimmy Uso came up with their opinions, which have now gone viral.

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Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso spoke about Roman Reigns in an interview that happened last month. The show was titled 'Biography: WWE Legends' and was organized to celebrate the title reign of the Tribal Chief after completing 1300 days as the world champion. All of a sudden, the segment where the Usos spoke about Roman has gone viral on X and other social media platforms.

In the video, Jey claimed that Roman was always there for him and his brother whenever they needed him. "He checks on whether my brother is mentally high or not. Just always tapping in when I really need him," said Main Event Jey in the interview. What followed it was the words from Jimmy who got highly emotional in the interview.

Watch the viral video here -

While speaking about Roman, the older Uso's voice cracked up and he accepted of getting emotional. "I am getting emotional, man. That’s my Uce… I love him, man," said Jimmy as he shed tears. The video has gone viral on social media after the attack of Solo Sikoa and Tama Tonga on Jimmy. In Backlash 2024, it seemed like Paul Heyman was desperate for help from Jey Uso.

Will the OG Bloodline return soon?

The original Bloodline consisted of the Usos as the tag team, Roman as the head of the table, and Paul Heyman as the wise man. In 2023, Jey turned against the Bloodline and has gone solo since then. After WrestleMania XL, where Jimmy lost to Jey, Solo claimed that losses have consequences. He claimed to love Jimmy and attacked the older Uso along with Tama Tonga.

The injury of Jimmy was severe and he has not returned to the ring since then. With Solo repeatedly creating chaos in the locker room along with the Tonga brothers and the crowd wishing to see Roman, there is a good chance of the original Bloodline returning together as a faction. This time, all of them might be a face. They might take on the new faction, headed by Solo. 

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