Former WWE writer feels 'this' star could beat Damian Priest to clinch the World Heavyweight Championship

WWE: A former script writer of the company has given his opinion about the star who can beat Damian Priest. And it's neither Drew McIntyre nor CM Punk.

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Freddie Prinze Jr., a former WWE writer, has given his prediction on the World Heavyweight Championship. The belt is currently with Damien Priest, who is set to defend it against Drew McIntyre in Clash at the Castle 2024. There is also an outside threat for the champion as they might also have to defend the title in Money in the Bank next month.

But in Summerslam, the opponent for the champion is already decided. Gunther, who won the King of the Ring tournament 2024, will be competing for the world title. Prinze Jr feels that Drew might not be able to beat Priest in Glasgow. Despite the home support and the incredible improvement in his promos, Drew isn't seen as a favorable candidate for a win by Freddie.

Speaking about the potential matchups in the days to come, the former WWE writer claimed that the company is likely to give a longer run for Priest, as he believed him to be a good champion so far. Freddie felt that McIntyre's injury might play a role in him failing to win the match. He then spoke about the potential star that can beat Priest to become the new champion.

Freddie's reasoning for his claim

Freddie backed the King General to be the next World Heavyweight Champion. He felt Gunther to be ready for the world title and claimed to be a fan of the star and his in-ring skills. He predicted the Ring General to dethrone Priest in Summerslam later this year. Prinze Jr claimed himself to be a fan of all of Gunther, Priest, and Drew but predicted Gunther's win.

While there is an outside chance of CM Punk challenging Priest for the world title in the Money in the Bank with McIntyre potentially setting up a triple threat match, the chances of it happening is less, given the injuries and the time for Seth Rollins to recover. Their dream match might happen later this tear during Survivor Series or somewhere around in the period.

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