Dominik Mysterio reacts to his shocking kiss with Liv Morgan on Monday Night Raw

In a thrilling and unexpected conclusion to Monday Night Raw, Liv Morgan added a surprising twist to the ongoing drama with Judgment Day members, especially Dominik Mysterio as she kissed him.

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Dominik Mysterio

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In a thrilling and unexpected conclusion on Monday Night Raw, Liv Morgan added a surprising twist to the ongoing drama with Judgment Day members, especially Dominik Mysterio. After apparently sabotaging Becky Lynch's chances at the  Women's World Championship twice, Morgan ended the night by stealing a kiss from Dominik. It left fans buzzing with speculation about the implications.

However, now Mysterio has reacted to the incident on Instagram. Taking on his social media account the Judgement Day member posted an image spelling “Well Fuck.” Fans are anticipating that his kiss with Liv Morgan would not have gone well with Rhea Ripley. 

Here is the post: 

How did Liv Morgan beat Rhea Ripley?

The Monday Night Raw drama began with Lynch seeking retribution after Dominik's interference at King and Queen of the Ring, where his actions had inadvertently cost her the championship. To ensure a fair fight, Lynch challenged Morgan to a Steel Cage match, aiming to prevent any outside interference. However, the match's conclusion defied expectations.

The Steel Cage bout between Lynch and Morgan was intensely competitive. As the match neared its end, Dominik Mysterio appeared to assist Lynch in escaping the cage, seemingly to atone for his previous interference. This unexpected move was soon complicated by the arrival of Finn Balor, JD McDonagh, and Braun Strowman.

In a chaotic and ironically hilarious finish, Strowman stormed the ring, targeting McDonagh. In the ensuing mayhem, Strowman inadvertently knocked Dominik into the cage, causing the door to slam on Lynch's head. This allowed Morgan to seize the opportunity and escape the cage, retaining her title.

Why did Liv Morgan kiss Dominik Mysterio?

While the match was a highlight, Morgan's post-match actions truly stole the show. In a moment that left the WWE Universe in shock, Morgan kissed Dominik, a gesture that seemed to catch him off guard. Dominik's reaction was ambiguous; he appeared to resist the kiss, leaving fans to wonder whether he was genuinely surprised or part of a larger scheme.

The implications of Morgan's kiss extend beyond mere shock value. Over the past few weeks, the interactions between Morgan and Judgment Day, especially Dominik, have been shrouded in mystery. Morgan's actions have cemented her status as a heel, but Dominik's role remains unclear.

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