'More about Wrestling' - Bryan Danielson outlines difference between WWE and AEW

Pro Wrestling: In a recent interview, Bryan Danielson compared WWE with AEW. The former WWE Superstar felt AEW to be more Wrestling-oriented than than Stamford-based company.

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Bryan Danielson spoke about the differences between AEW and WWE in a recent interview. The star wrestler felt that AEW is more about Wrestling than the story behind the wrestlers. He claimed AEW follows the theory of Wrestling first and rest next. The former WWE Superstar felt that the Stamford-based company revolves around the story which is basically to target the casual watching audience.

Bryan was in WWE in the 2010s. In the ongoing decade, he has been in AEW. The former World Champion has the experience of working with both companies and outlined how different WWE is from AEW. He felt that the advantage for AEW is the fact that people would love to see wrestlers wrestle which would bring the audience to watch their shows.

Danielson felt that the focus of WWE is to earn ratings and make money by their stories rather than to concentrate about Wrestling. While he felt nothing wrong in what WWE does, Bryan claimed that it felt right for him to be in a company like AEW which concentrates on Wrestling, a reason why he felt the need to join the company at the first place after his contract with WWE came to an endtwo

Dynamite's shows have more Wrestling than Raw and Smackdown shows combined : Bryan Danielson

He further claimed that AEW's premier show, Dynamite, which is usually aired for two hours, has more Wrestling than Monday Night Raw, the premier show of WWE, whose run time is about three hours. In the process, Bryan claimed that the focus of WWE is more on the part of the entertainment rather than on the Wrestling skills. He went a step further in the comparison of the two companies.

The Superstar claimed that there are some instances where Dynamite's 2-hour shows have more Wrestling than Raw's 3-hour shows and Friday Night Smackdown's 2-hour shows combined! The opinion of Bryan has gone viral on the Internet. While AEW fans are defending the star wrestler for his opinion, WWE fans are claiming that story rules over wrestling in the PEO wrestling industry. 

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