Title vs Title in Forbidden Door as AEW and NJPW champs are set to collide

Pro Wrestling: A huge clash is set to happen in Forbidden Door, as an AEW Champion is set to face an NJPW Champion. Two titles will be on the line in the upcoming PLE.

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Two titles will be on the line in the upcoming PLE of AEW. NJPW Strong Women's Championship and TBS Championship of AEW will be up for grabs, as the company made it official in the latest episode of Collision. The events that transpired after Double or Nothing led to the faceoff between the two top class athletes of two different companies in collaboration.

Stephanie Vaquer will be taking on Mercedes Mone in Forbidden Door. Both the titles will be on the line in a winner takes all match. The stakes for the match have been raised and a high bar is already set for what is regarded as a top draw in the women's division. The leadup to the match has been chaotic as Mone has faced a lot of troubles.

In the Double or Nothing, Mercedes ended a great title reign of Willow Nightingale to claim her first win in the company. In her very first official match in AEW, Mone emerged victorious. In Collision after the PLE, Mone was to celebrate her win with the fans. However, it was short lived, as Skye Blue attacked her and sent a message as to what it takes to be a champion.

Big match in Forbidden Door

That led to the match between Mone and Blue the following week. It was the first title defense of Mone and she did a good job. Skye delivered a good performance. But it was not enough. The former WWE Superstar emerged victorious as she pinned Blue and stood tall. Just when she was about to celebrate her title defense, in came Stephanie and attacked her from nowhere.

A shocked Mone asked for the reason. Vaquer damaged the celebration of the TBS Champion. It did not go well with Mercedes. In the latest episode on Collision, the official confirmation for the match between Stephanie and Mercedes was announced. On the 30th of June later this month, two titles will be on line. The booking from the teo companies seems to be pretty good.

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