Braun Strowman takes out Judgement Day after beating JD McDonagh

WWE: Braun Strowman beat JD McDonagh on Raw despite an injured knee. After getting attacked by Carlito and Finn Balor, the monster singlehandedly took on the entire Judgement Day.

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Braun Strowman took on the entire Judgement Day all by himself with an injured knee. The monster had a match scheduled against JD McDonagh on Raw. Before that could happen, Gunther had his victory celebration after winning the King of the Ring. The Ring General had a classic entrance and was welcomed by the fans with booes. The former IC Champion spoke in the arena.

Gunther spoke about his title shot at the world champion in Summerslam. The NXT UK legend said that he earned the right to be a world champion and did not take 'shortcuts' to have a title shot. Judgement Day soon interrupted and Damian Priest addressed the accusations of Gunther. Priest taught the business lesson for the Ring General. 

The World Heavyweight Champion said that cashing in the contract against Drew McIntyre was probably a 'shortcut' but added that one must be able to be a winner of the ladder match to be a contender for a world title shot. Just when Gunther asked Damian not to teach him business lessons, in came Drew and the fans started to chant 'CM Punk'. McIntyre reminded Priest of the venue of the Clash at the Castle.

Braun Strowman chases JD McDonagh

Drew said that the entire Glasgow would be rooting for him to beat Damian. As the world champion said that he wasn't intimidated by mind games, in came Strowman for his match against JD. During the match, Braun suffered a knee injury. Throughout the match, JD targeted the injured knee. He also got a backup from Carlito who tried to help the Judgement Day member.

Braun took him out and delivered a power slam to JD and pinned to claim a win. Soon after the match, the entire Judgement Day apart from Priest attacked the monster. The momentary attack did not even trouble Braun as he took them all out. From behind, JD smashed Braun with a steel chair. As the crowd chanted "You f**ked up", Strowman started to chase JD in the entire locker room.

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