WATCH: Becky Lynch punches Liv Morgan after being called b*t*h

WWE: Becky Lynch punched Liv Morgan in the face backstage after the former addressed her as 'b*t8h'. Later in the night, Morgan returned the favor to The Man in the Ring.

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Becky Lynch punched Liv Morgan backstage on the latest episode of Monday Night Raw. Last week on Raw, Becky was up against Morgan in a promo where the Damage Control members interfered. Instead of fighting them, Liv turned her back claiming it was not her business. That was when Lyra Valkyria came to the aid of Becky and took out the members of the Damage Control.

In the latest episode of Raw, Valkyria was interviewed backstage. She was asked about her win against Dakota Kai to progress to the second round of Queen of the Ring 2024. As Lyra felt excited about the matchups, she was asked about coming to Becky's aid. The former NXT Champion claimed that she always has the back of her fellow Irish woman.

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That was when Becky interfered and thanked Lyra for her support. As Valkyria was gearing up for the match against Zoey Stark, Liv Morgan came to her and congratulated her for the win against Kai last week. She later asked, "Has Becky always been such a b*t*h?" The Irish star had a smile about it in a sarcastic way. She knew who was right behind Morgan.

Liv Morgan gives back to Becky Lynch

Lyra asked Liv to check out herself. Becky from behind punched Morgan. It seemed like the former world champion did not like it. Later in the night, Becky had a match against Kai. The Man had the upper hand in the match despite a good performance from Dakota. Just when things seemed to be going away from Kai, the Damage Control interrupted to stop the match.

The duo of Iyo Sky and Kairi Sane started to beat Becky. In came Valkyria who had just beat Zoey to progress to the third round of Queen of the Ring. She saved The Man from Damage Control. However, Morgan walked in out of nowhere and took out Becky. It was a brief revenge for Liv as she gave it back to the Man. Lyra went up to see if Becky was alright and gestured what was wrong with Morgan. 

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