5 Greatest Women Wrestlers of All Time

Check out the 5 greatest women wrestlers who have left an indelible mark in the history of WWE. The list contains some shocking names.

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Lita and Becky Lynch (Source: WWE).webp

Lita and Becky Lynch (Source: WWE)

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In the rich history of WWE, there have been a lot of greatest wrestlers who have ever played and ruled the ring over the years. Apart from the men’s competition, some of the great women superstars have also graced the ring with their amazing excellence and brilliance over the years. 

With said that, here we’ll have a look at the 5 greatest women wrestlers of all time who have ever featured in WWE. They also enjoyed a lot of fan-following in the WWE Universe. These women wrestling superstars have also won hearts with their performances in the ring.

5. Trish Stratus 

Trish Stratus (Source: WWE)
Trish Stratus (Source: WWE)

Trish Stratus ruled the ring in the women’s competition for a lot of years; she had mastery in outclassing her opponents and knocking them out. Her rivalries with some of the contemporary superstars like Lita were famous in the WWE Universe. She has proved on a couple of occasions that she is undoubtedly the most outstanding female superstar of all time in WWE. 

Stratus was also considered a reason for the start of the women’s revolution; she became the women’s champion seven times, which was one of the highest numbers for any WWE female superstar. 

4. Lita 

Lita (Source: WWE)
Lita (Source: WWE)

Lita played a vital role in influencing and inspiring the female wrestlers’ generation with her amazing and unforgettable journey in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). She was an essential part of Team Extreme and was known for going beyond the boundaries to achieve the highest rewards for her talent. 

Later, she earned an induction into the WWE all-time Hall of Fame owing to her brilliant talent and illustrious journey in WWE. She is still an inspirational story for the young generations to pursue their dream in the WWE universe. 

3. Charlotte Flair 

Charlotte Flair (Source: WWE)
Charlotte Flair (Source: WWE)

The daughter of former legendary WWE superstar and Hall of Famer Ric Flair, Charlotte Flair is considered a modern-day legend. However, brilliantly came over the shadow of the tag, “Ric Flair’s daughter” with her amazing and sensational performances in the ring. 

Charlotte Flair won the Women’s Championship 14 times on the back of her brilliant athleticism and unmatched talent throughout the years she has played in the WWE. 

2. Becky Lynch 

Becky Lynch (Source: WWE)

Becky Lynch is known for her out-of-the-box style in the ring; she also attracted the headlines for featuring in WrestleMania and completely giving a new shape to women’s wrestling. Famous for bringing the ‘The Man’ era to WWE, Becky Lynch played a crucial role in revolutionizing women’s wrestling. 

Becky Lynch can be ranked fourth in this list of the top 5 greatest women wrestlers of all time who have ever graced the ring of WWE. 

1. Bayley 

Bayley (Source: WWE)
Bayley (Source: WWE)

Bayley went a long way to become a dominant figure in women’s wrestling from a female star, who was considered an underdog at the beginning of her career. She was the first-ever women’s Grand Slam Champion. Later, she also went on to make a record when she remained the Women’s SmackDown Champion for 380 long days. 

Bayley is still one of the key and renowned figures in the women’s section of the WWE universe for her sheer dominance and outstanding outings in the ring. 

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