5 possible ways in which Roman Reigns' WWE comeback could be booked

WWE: Roman Reigns has been away from the company since WrestleMania XL. Since then, a lot has transpired in the Stamford-based company. Here are the possible scenarios for his comeback.

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WWE Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins

Possible ways of Roman Reigns' WWE comeback (Source: X)

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Roman Reigns has been out of action since the Night Two of WrestleMania XL. The Tribal Chief was always a dominant force to reckon with. Even in his loss, the Head of the Table showed why he was responsible for the revival of the company in the last 4-5 years. On the Night One of the biggest WrestleMania, Reigns overcame the duo of Seth Rollins and Cody Rhodes with the help of The Rock.

On the Night Two of the WrestleMania XL, The Bloodline's odds were evened out with the assistance of Jey Uso, John Cena, and The Undertaker. After losing his title reign that lasted for 1316 days, Roman has disappeared from the company. Since then, a lot of things have transpired. The fans are missing the presence and aura of the Tribal Chief. On every Friday Nights, there are chants of "We want Roman". 

The return of the Head of the Table is surely gonna be epic. Here are the 5 ways in which his return can be booked by the company.

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Reunion with Seth Rollins

WWE Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins has an edge over Roman Reigns in their faceoff. Be it early in their careers after the implosion of the Shield or in the Royal Rumble 2022 match, or in the Night Two of WrestleMania, Rollins always got the better of Roman. Now that Reigns got his revenge over the visionary finally, there can be a case of him teaming up with the revolutionary to revolutionize the company. After all, it's the new era under Triple H and anything seems to be possible. Together as a duo, they can set standards in the company.

Readmission of Jimmy USO to claim the 'lost' throne

Readmission of Jimmy Uso in The Bloodline

Jimmy Uso was kicked out of the Bloodline soon after his loss to Jey Uso in the WrestleMania XL. If Roman was indeed the one giving orders to Solo Sikoa and co, he would still remain a heel. But a potential face turn can be expected from Roman where he could readmit Jimmy in the faction and reclaiming the throne he never lost. This would also mean that the singles run of Jey might not be interrupted.

Attacking Cody Rhodes

Roman Reigns attacking Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes was the one who ended his insane run of 1316 days as the World Champion. Someone as good as Roman would definitely not be happy with the loss. A couple of weeks back on Smackdown, Solo claimed to have keeping Cody in check without his knowledge. It might be a case of Roman preparing himself for the payback. The message of Roman after the loss in Mania was that he mourned for a day and the preparations started the following day. The continuation of feud against Rhodes might not be a bad idea.

Addressing the 'Head of the Table' issue ft. The Rock

Roman Reigns vs The Rock

The Rock returned to Monday Night Raw earlier this year and asked the fans if should sit at the 'Head of the table'. From there, a potential Roman vs The Rock match for the Head of the Table was booked until the fans went "We want Cody". As per the original plans, it still remains The Tribal Chief vs The People's Champ for the PLEs. While the eventual payoff for it is still a bit far away, the company can start to build on the idea.

Confrontation with Solo Sikoa and Tonga Brothers

Roman Reigns confronting Solo Sikoa

Solo Sikoa seems to be the 'Head of the Table' in the absence of Reigns. When the Tribal Chief returns, if a case exists about a corrupted mind of Sikoa after claiming the throne, there could be a possibility of him refusing to step down as the leader. This could lead to a civil war in the Bloodline. It might also lead to Jacob Fatu's debut, Jimmy Uso's readmission, and Jey Uso's return to the faction to mark the return of the old Bloodline with Paul Heyman as the Wise man. This seems to be the most probable booking.

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