The story of the Djokovic injury: Fake or real?

Novak Djokovic's comeback from a serious knee injury has led to mixed reactions from the tennis world. Questions surround around the reality of the matter.

Aiman Sharma
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Novak Djokovic (Source- The Press Democrat)

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There have been many players who have suffered from injuries and have managed to make a comeback and play in a major tournament going forward. One of the surprising comebacks was from former World number one and 24-time Grand Slam Champion Novak Djokovic who has managed to be in the draw of the Grand Slam event even after going through surgery.

This was one of the most surprising news for the fans in which some were happy to see him in what is his 19th appearance in Wimbledon. this is also another opportunity for the Serbian to get one more Grand Slam title to his name and be an 8-time champion in the Grass court season. There might be some who think that he might struggle with his knee in the matches, but he has already had a great start in his first game this season.

The fake injury debate

There might be some fans who are looking forward to seeing Djokernole play in the tournament and finally end his title drought, but there are also some people who have created rumours and speculations surrounding his knee injury implying that the Serbian powerhouse has faked it. Though there is a bit of curiousness in everyone's mind that Novak Djokovic came back to full fitness at Wimbledon in only a month. This has become a massive debate that around the world as he was also looking really good in his first-round match which he won in three straight sets.

There is no doubt that there is going to be a big debate over all social media platforms whether the former world number one and living legend has faked this serious injury or not, but we also have to look into the matter that due to this injury Djokovic also lost his number 1 ATP ranking as well. This is a topic which does not have enough proof to back at all and just look forward to seeing another great tournament on display.

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