Swerve Strickland defeats Brian Cage, gets attacked by Christian Cage

Pro Wrestling: Swerve Strickland defeated Brian Cage in a classic match. After the end of the battle, Christian Cage attacked the AEW World Champion and went down memory lane.

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Swerve Strickland emerged victorious against Brian Cage. Last week on Dynamite, the match got scheduled. Christian and Brain Cage have landed themselves with Strickland in a feud ahead of Double or Nothing. Given the history with Swerve, the feud is taking place well with Christian. The match between Swerve and Brian was good. Both wrestlers gave their best and entertained the crowd.

The title reign of Strickland has been brilliant with great matches. The one against Brian was not any different. The match saw no domination from either wrestler. Brian put up a show with his best match in recent times. Swerve was equally good and sold the moves well. After the first few minutes of the match, Brian had a bit of an advantage over the AEW World Champion.

Before the break, he claimed a lead and put pressure on Strickland. It asked Swerve to return the favor. The World Champion tried to return to the match by gaining a bit of momentum. He rode on it for the rest of the match. Shane gave nothing away for Cage and had the upper hand. Toward the end, Swerve delivered the House Call and pinned Brian to claim a win.

Attack on the Champion

After the match, Christian Cage came face to face with the world champion along with Mother Wayne. He used it as a way to distract Shane as Nick Wayne attacked Swerve from behind with a low blow. Killswitch joins the scene and all of them attack Strickland to the booes from the fans. They smashed Strickland's head with a family photo and the champion was full of blood.

It was like a payback from the family. Christian claimed that it was revenge from the Cage family as in the past, Swerve had attacked his son in the gym. Cage later ground the family photo of Striclamnd into the wound. Christain sent a message to Strickalnad and claimed that as he took his blood this week, the title would be his in the next two weeks.

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