Bullet Club Gold warns PAC on AEW Rampage

AEW: Bullet Club Gold spoiled the party of PAC who returned to action. The three members of the faction issued a warning and reminded him of their capabilities.

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The Bullet Club Gold issued a stern warning to PAC in the latest episode of AEW Rampage. The trio cut a promo soon after the match of PAC, who returned to action after being injured for the last few weeks. While PAC claimed a win to make a statement, the trio came up with the promo. They referred to PAC as the 'Flat Man' and 'B*st*rd'.

The duo of Coltenn Gunn and Austin Gunn realized that PAC won the match on his return. The tag team duo hence congratulated him and talked about the point. From behind, Jay White who seemed to be practicing Baseball asked if the win of PAC was as impressive as his in the Dynamite earlier this week against Rocky Romero. The tag duo denied.

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They went on to add that PAC did not take the advice of White and went on to claim a win. Jay could not believe at the first instance that PAC registered a win after an embarrassing loss against Kazuchika Okada in the AEW Dynasty 2024. He addressed the 'B*st*rd' and said that things seemed to be looking up for the man. The tag duo replied saying not to get carried away.

Jay White warns PAC

Jay felt that it was great to see him back in action after the injury he sustained against Okada. White added that the fans in Vancouver's Rampage were happy to see him and felt it to be great. He then issued the warning to PAC. White warned PAC not to stick his nose in their business and said that the consequences of doing so would land him in trouble.

White asked PAC to come up with better decisions the next time they meet. The trio then continued to practice Baseball and chill. PAC was angry at the warning from White and the Gunn brothers. The camera focused on his face seeming wondering about the next move. The celebration of PAC did not last long as the Gunn brothers and White provided a bittersweet experience.

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