Chuck Taylor hopeful of returning to action after healing from injury

Pro Wrestling: Chuck Taylor was in an interview where he spoke about his potential return to action. The former Wrestling star was hopeful of coming back stronger.

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Chuck Taylor spoke about his potential return to action in a recent interview. Taylor has been out of action for a long time thanks to the injury he sustained. The star wrestler felt that it was a weird feeling to think that his career was potentially approaching an end. He then spoke about the surgery he is set to go through which might be a game changer for his career.

The former AEW Superstar hoped to reassess things after his surgery was successful. Taylor seems to have taken inspiration from a lot of young wrestlers who have returned to action from career-threatening injuries. Chuck claimed that it was just him hoping for such a massive turnaround to do what he loves. The interviewer seemed to be happy with his hope.

"I can get surgery, and once I heal from that... I can reassess. Maybe it's me hoping, we've seen a lot of guys/girls come back from career-ending injuries," spoke Chuck in the interview. The former TNA star was also asked about the journey of spending time away from what he loves. Taylor revealed that he was not in severe pain and added that he could walk finely.

Chuck Taylor reveals his pain post-injury

The star wrestler felt that there was not much pain when he opted to try to work with his ankles. Chuck felt that an athletic move like a back flip and landing on his feet could land him in trouble but added that there was no big pain otherwise. Taylor was also a part of the production of WWE and did not actually sign a contract with the Stamford-based company.

Outside of Wrestling, Taylor is known for his involvement in producing movies. He was a part of some of the top Wrestling companies like TNA and AEW before getting injured. Taylor is one of the best wrestlers with a unique skill set. Being one of the biggest free agents of Wrestling, Chuck has a good fanbase that wants him to return to action.

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