Christian Cage reveals how a friend of his helped him land in AEW

Pro Wrestling: In a recent interview, Christian Cage spoke about his stint in AEW. The former WWE Superstar revealed a friend of his who helped him get into the company.

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Christian Cage spoke about his stint with AEW so far. The star wrestler was in an interview where he recalled about his journey with All Elite. The former world champion has been with AEW for the last three years. He revealed how a suggestion from one of his friends helped him to land in the company. The former tag team champion spoke about a member from The Shield.

Cage claimed that Jon Moxley was the one responsible for his signing with AEW. Christian revealed an interesting conversation he had with Jon that led to a massive move. Cage said that he had a chat with Moxley and he had not signed with the company. Christian claimed that Moxley was surprised after hearing what he said about his wrestling career.

Cage said that Moxley insisted he have a talk with Tony Khan. Back in 2021, AEW was still a young company and Christain claimed that he had no whether or not to join the company. Cage had taken a break for 7 years away from wrestling and aimed to return to action. Christian said that Moxley believed him to be a potential massive box office in the company.

'It was a gift to get it back' - Christian Cage

The current IGWP Champion said to Cage that he still had a lot left in his career and it was a good opportunity for him to redefine his career. Cage claimed that his return to action was more of a gift. Since then, Christian has been one of the top Superstars in AEW pulling out great promos and matches.

"Jon said I should have a conversation with Tony Khan. I was like, I don’t know. And he said, Well, you’re actually an idiot if you don’t, you hold all the cards here. He said you have the ability to pick where you refinish your career. So like I said, when I got my career back after being retired for 7 years, it was a gift to get it back," said Cage in the interview. 

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