WATCH: Will Ospreay takes Bryan Danielson to doctor following their epic match in AEW Dynasty 2024

AEW: During the match against Will Ospreay, Bryan Danielson got injured. The AEW Superstar completed the match before getting the help of his co-wrestler to meet the doctor.

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Bryan Danielson (Source: X)

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Will Ospreay helped Bryan Danielson to be admitted to the doctor's office after the epic bout in AEW Dynasty 2024. The match was an instant classic as the fans were happy with it. Even before the match started, there were 'Holy sh*t' chants from the fans. It was followed by 'We're not worthy' chants as both wrestlers put on a terrific show in the arena.

During the match, Bryan Danielson suffered a massive injury. Bryan's pain seemed to be unbearable as he shouted. Even Will Ospreay was shocked to see the scream from Danielson. As the doctors came to look for the wrestler, Bryan stopped them from approaching him. The match continued as Ospreay pinned Bryan to claim a sensational win to the cheers from the crowd.

Watch the footage from AEW here:


However, Bryan's injury seemed a bit serious. He could not recover from the pain. Will observed it and called for medical support. Along with some support staff, Ospreay took Bryan to the doctor's office. The former WWE Superstar seemed to be in huge pain. AEW took to X and posted footage of Will and support staff taking Bryan to the doctor's office. 

Bryan Danielson to be out of action?

"EXCLUSIVE: AEW cameras capture Bryan Danielson and Will Ospreay as they head to the doctor's office, after their epic bout on #AEWDynasty," wrote AEW on X. In the video, Will can be seen taking Bryan to the doctor. Daniel seemed to be in severe pain. As he lay down on the bed, Danielson could not even move his body. With great difficulty, Bryan somehow laid on his back.

The footage posted from AEW on X has gone viral. Fans praised the commitment of Bryan to give his everything and continue the match despite the pain. Ospreay then turned away unable to watch the pain of Daniel. As the video was on record, Daniel requested the cameramen to switch off the recording. The injury of Daniel seems a bit serious. Some sources claim him to be out of action for some time. 

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