WATCH: The Elite cause more chaos, take out injury return Kenny Omega on Dynamite

AEW: The Elite took out Kenny Omega on Dynamite, who returned to the arena after a long time. The new alliance has been creating chaos ever since the return of Jack Perry.

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Another week, another individual gets taken out by The Elite. It has been a story in AEW in the last few weeks. Ever since Jack Perry returned to action on Dynasty, he has been wreaking havoc in the locker room with the assistance of Kazuchika Okada and the Young Bucks. This time, the victim was Kenny Omega, who returned to the show after a long time.

The former EVP of the company was out of action due to an injury. When he returned to Dynamite, Jack Perry and the other members of the Elite wasted no time to take him out. As Omega came to the arena and addressed the crowd, the Elite attacked him. Perry took a cheap shot at Omega from behind and started to punch him. 

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The security guards tried to rescue the former EVP but were taken out by the rest of the Elite. Kazuchika Okada and the Young Bucks started to hit Omega too. The crowd booed the Elite for their act. But the new faction was aware of their plans. It was all business for them. Kenny was bruised badly and had to be taken off the stretcher to get medical attention.

The Elite's message

Just when it seemed like the storm ended, The Elite returned to action. As the guards were taking Omega to the hospital by stretchers, the Elite attacked him. They took out the guards and pulled Kenny off the stretcher. An already lost Omega tried to fight back. With one hand already fractured, he punched the Young Bucks with the only hand that was functioning. 

The young Bucks returned the favor by kicking him. The message from the Elite was clear. They claimed that they still loved Omega, but it all meant business and saving the world. It was the exact reason claimed by Jack who has a lot of history with Omega in the company. When Omega returns, the crowd will be backing him to fight and get rid of the Elite which has turned against the company. 

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