Team XSpark retain lead after Semifinals 1 Day 2 at BGIS 2024

Multiple veteran teams like Global Esports and SouL make a comeback after BGIS 2024 Semifinals 1 Day 2, Zero Recoil faces disqualification.

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BGIS 2024 Semifinals 1

BGIS 2024 Semifinals 1

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Day 2 for the Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS) Semifinals 1 sees Team XSpark keeping their spot and is going a step closer to securing the Semifinals 2 spot. Few other teams like Team Tamilas, Team SouL and Global Esports have made a huge comeback.

Zero Recoil was disqualified from the tournament after not following the POV guidelines stipulated by Krafton India for all teams. The team was in the third spot after Semifinals 1 Day 1, with their disqualification the remaining teams will reportedly move forward with a new point system.

BGIS Semifinals 1 Day 2 Overview

Global Esports secured the opening match on Day 2 and while there wasn’t any other chicken dinner on their side, the team had a decent overall performance. 7Shore followed up in the second match, and while the team did get a boost in ranking, they still have a long way to go.

The third match went to Team Soul, who were among the strugglers with Global Esports on Day 1 but managed to secure a win keeping up a good performance to jump to the fourth spot. FS Esports secured the fourth match and their second chicken dinner, allowing them to climb to the second spot.

Another struggling team, Voltx Esports, secured the fifth match and made their way into the qualifying eight teams. However, others close behind are eyeing their position. The final game of the day went to Team Tamilas wo finally managed to win a game after the entire day’s hard work.

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Here are the current standings for all teams -

Team XSpark - 62.5 Points

FS ESPORTS - 55 Points

Team Tamilas - 49 Points

Team SouL - 49 Points

Reckoning Esports - 48.5 Points

Global Esports - 46 Points

MOGO Esports - 45 Points

Voltx Esports - 43.5 Points

Raven Esports - 43.5 Points

Entity - 42.5 Points

THW Esports - 41.5 Points

GodLike Esports - 40.5 Points

Insane Esports - 40 Points

Team Aaru - 39 Points

7Shore - 37 Points

Vasista Esports - 34.5 Points

Hyderabad Hydras - 34 Points

Magnet Esports - 31 Points

LOC Esports - 29 Points

Inferno Squad - 28.5 Points

Team 8Bit - 26.5 Points

Limra Esports - 26.5 Points

Galaxy Esports - 23.5 Points

Team Venom - 23 Points

Inspiration Esports - 22.5 Points

RTG X IND - 22 Points

Prime Esports - 21.5 Points

Livecraft Esports - 21 Points

Rivalry Esports - 15.5 Points

Carnival Gaming - 10.5 Points

NIY Esports - 4 Points

Zero Recoil - Disqualified

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