Team XSpark gain initial lead at Week 1 Day 1 for BGIS 2024 Semifinals

Day 1 for BGIS 2024 semifinal 1 goes in favour of Team XSpark, however, the team isn't in the clear just yet as the other pursue to take the lead.

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BGIS 2024

Week 1 Day 1

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The real struggle among top teams at Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS) 2024 has begun, with the first day of the semifinals 1. A total of 32 teams are set against each other across four match days, playing three matches each day.

With three more match days remaining, few teams seem to have opted to take an early lead. This is likely due to the top eight teams getting a spot in the grand finals, while the remaining 24 will meet each other in the semifinal 2.

Day 1 Overview

The first day sees Team XSpark clutching the top spot with one chicken dinner and 36 Points. However, others were also close behind, with Mogo in second spot and Zero Recoil in third.  Currently, the top eight teams feature mostly seasoned teams, while a few others are still struggling. Global Esports, SouL, 8Bit, Carnival Gaming and others are yet to step up their game.

Team Insane secured the first match while Mogo who recently established themselves secured the following match. Zero Recoil came up as a surprise winner of the third match and was one of the few new teams competing with others. Team XSpark went ahead to take the fourth game, while Entity Gaming and FS Esports secured the final two games for the day.

Here are overall standings after Semifinals 1 Day 1 -

Team XSpark - 36 Points

MOGO Esports - 32 Points

Zero Recoil - 31 Points

FS ESPORTS - 30 Points

Raven Esports - 30 Points

Entity - 27 Points

Team Aaru - 26 Points

Team Insane Esports - 24 Points

Reckoning Esports - 21 Points

Team Tamilas - 21 Points

GodLike Esports - 21 Points

Hyderabad Hydras - 17 Points

LOC Esports - 17 Points

Inferno Squad - 17 Points

Vasista Esports - 17 Points

THW Esports - 15 Points

Voltx Esports - 15 Points

Global Esports - 14 Points

Team SouL - 13 Points

RTGXIND - 12 Points

Livecraft Esports - 12 Points

7Shore - 11 Points

Team 8Bit - 9 Points

Carnival Gaming - 9 Points

Limra Esports - 9 Points

Team Venom - 8 Points

Magnet Esports - 8 Points

Prime Esports - 8 Points

Inspiration Esports - 7 Points

Rivalry Esports - 5 Points

Galaxy Esports - 4 Points

NIY Esports - 4 Points