BGMI 3.2 update set to introduce Mechs, Magnet Gun and lot more

The Latest BGMI update will allow players to pilot huge mechs to gain an advantage on the battlefield. It introduces new utility items and many more.

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Mecha Battle update (Source - Krafton)

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The latest podcast from BGMI has now clarified the ongoing rumours regarding the introduction of Mechs in BGMI. The 3.2 update will bring different types of mechs that players can use to gain an upper hand against other players.

Where to find Mechs?

Mechs will be available as part of the Mecha Fusion Mode. This mode was earlier introduced in PUBG Mobile, and it was time to bring it inside BGMI. Players can land on a new Point of Interest called Steel Arc which is a huge spaceship-looking structure.

Here, players will find a lot of loot and most importantly, the Mechs. There will be three Mechs available for players to ride. The biggest one can only be acquired from the Steel Arc, while the other two, named Levitron and Strider, are also very powerful.

Levitron as the name suggests van levitates in the air and not only that, players can also use to traverse the map very quickly. Strider on the other hand excels in combat and can rain hell upon others. It features a rocket barrage that can take down enemies behind cover.

Other additions to 3.2 update

Assembly base will now feature a new Hack Activation Card that will allow players to announce their names to all players across the map. There is also a Magnetic gun coming with this update that will allow players to pick up objects like airdrops from high locations. Players can also pick up vehicles of other players rushing you as per the podcast.

Another fun addition to the game is the new jetpack, another method of traversal. Self-revive kit is also coming with the 3.2 update and as the name suggests, players who are knocked down can revive themselves if they are behind cover and their teams cannot get to them.

The game also improved upon the recall mechanics and removed the recall towers, instead, players will now have a Respawn Flare Gun allowing much quicker recall of fallen players.

Alongside the new additions, the game will also feature various in-game events and a new Anniversary crate on the occasion of the game’s third anniversary. The crate will feature five different special items alongside a new M416 skin and a lot of other items as per the CEO of Krafton India Sean Sohn.