Team Heretics triumphs over G2 to reach VCT Masters Shanghai grand final

Team Heretics to clash against GenG Esports at VCT Masters Shanghai 2024 Grand Finals after defeating G2 Esports in the lower bracket finals.

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Team Heretics

Team Heretics at VCT Masters Shanghai (Source - ValorantEsports)

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Another victory for Team Heretics at Valorant Champions Tour Masters Shanghai, this time slinging the time into the grand finals to face GenG. The team defeated G2 Esports in the lower bracket finals in a one-sided victory.

Heretics take revenge

This is the second time Team Heretics is facing G2 in the Playoffs. Prior to this, both teams met each other at the upper bracket semifinals, where Heretics faced defeat and dropped to the lower bracket. However, after their defeat, the team managed to take down FUT Esports, 100 Thieves and now G2 Esports in a flawless run to the grand final.

Heretics took the upper hand since the first match itself on Bind. G2 only managed to secure two rounds in their own map pick, as they failed to defend against the onslaught. The match ended 13-2 in favour of Heretics.

The second match in the best of three was on Icebox, picked by Heretics. G2 fans were expecting a comeback and for the first two rounds, the team did well but were once again shut down by their opponents. This continued in the second half, leading to another win for Team Heretics.

With two matches in the bag, Heretics were in high spirits and needed only one more win to reach the grand finals. The third match was played on Lotus and once again picked by G2, who were fighting for survival and needed three back-to-back match wins in order to secure the spot at the grand final.

Sadly, it was all the same for G2 Esports, like in previous matches, as the team fumbled in the first half. The team did secure some rounds, however, by that time the lead was too big to catch and Team Heretics gracefully ended the match securing the best of five.

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The grand finals will also be played as best of five with the winning team taking home $350,000 and three VCT points adding towards the team’s progress to secure a spot at Valorant Champions.