GenG reaches grand finals while Heretics dominate 100T at VCT Masters Shanghai

GenG makes a flawless run to secure the grand finals spot at VCT Masters Shanghai while sending G2 Esports to face Team Heretics in the lower bracket finals.

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VCT Masters Shanghai

GenG defeats G2 Esports (Source - VCT)

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The GenG have managed to take down G2 Esports in the upper bracket finals at the Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) Masters Shanghai. The struggle, however, isn't over just yet, as Team Heretic will once again meet with G2 in the lower bracket finals after being defeated in the upper bracket semifinals.

Upper bracket finals overview

GenG once again gained an advantage over their opponents by defeating them in their map choice, which can be quite devastating in a game like this. The team opened with seven back-to-back rounds. G2 responded with a win in the remaining five and opening rounds in the second half before GenG put a stop to it by securing the match.

The second map saw G2 fighting with all they had, despite having a bad start once again. After switching sides in the second half, G2 secured the first three rounds. GenG retained the lead by taking the next three, with G2 doing the same to catch up. Following this pattern, GenG secured the final two rounds and knocked down G2 into the lower bracket finals.

Heretics dominates 100 Thieves

The lower bracket also got to witness some great action between two teams fighting for survival as 100T faced Team Heretics, who utterly dominated them across both matches and moved on to the lower bracket finals, set to take place on June 8.

The opening match saw Heretics with a very decent lead, which they lost in the second half as 100T started to make a comeback. Sadly, their streak was broken after they secured the 12th round as Heretics dragged the match into overtime where 100T couldn’t keep up.

The following map was Sunset, but it was more of a ‘Breeze’ as Team Heretics defeated 100T with a 13-1 scoreline. 100T were only able to secure a single round at the beginning of the match, with the rest of the game being a huge upset for the team.