Riot Games announces Valorant beta for PlayStation and Xbox

Riot Games have now revealed the Valorant beta for console at the Summer Game Fest, featuring controller support with cross inventory and cross saves.

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Valorant coming to consoles (Source - Riot Games)

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Riot Games has now made a surprising announcement of bringing Valorant to Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 during the 2024 Summer Game Fest. The developers have been dropping hints regarding an announcement, with many assuming announcement for Valorant Mobile.

The announcement did come as a shock to many, but the player base seems to be quite happy. The game will have a limited beta test Starting June 14. As mentioned, the slots will be limited and players will need to register for a chance to get an invite.

Players who get an invite to the Valorant Beta will be able to invite up to 5 friends to play the beta together. All the participants in the beta will also get a player card at the end to showcase their involvement.

What’s coming in the beta?

The first look revealed the core gameplay for consoles, which didn’t look much different. The game will feature cross-progression and cross-inventory, meaning that players who already have cosmetics on the PC will be able to use them on the console.

Furthermore, account progress will also be shared between the PC and consoles. The only thing players will not get is the cross-play function. This makes sense, as controllers will be at a huge disadvantage against mouse and keyboard players in a tactical game like this and since both the community will be separate, players might be able to see a console-only tournament for Valorant.

Players who already have an account on PC and have access to the beta will be able to use every agent they have unlocked alongside cosmetics, for gamers playing for the first time, the default roster will be unlocked.

Currently, the beta is released in the USA, Canada, Europe, and Japan, however, more regions will be added throughout the beta. As for how long it will run, there is no fixed duration, as the developers want to make sure the game is stable and is a playable shape.