Nadeshot to face TenZ in a 1v1 at Valorant console launch

Fans are excited as 100 Thieves Nadeshot and Sentinels TenZ lock in for a 1v1 challenge in Valorant with the upcoming console beta release test.

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Nadeshot and TenZ

Nadeshot and TenZ (Source - X)

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Valorant console announcements have got the entire community excited and players have already started to enrol in the beta test. A few have already got hands-on experience at the Riot Games play test and two of these include founder of 100 Thieves Nadeshot and professional player for Sentinels TenZ who seems to have been locked in a friendly competition.

This all started after Nadeshot posted his first Ace round in the console play Test. As a response, TenZ also posted his console Ace round and called out Nadeshot challenging him for a 1v1 when the game officially launches for everyone.

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Nadeshot being Nadeshot readily accepted the challenge, despite acknowledging that there is a very high chance he would lose given that TenZ recently secured multiple VCT events. However, with a former CoD pro and a current Valorant pro locked in, the fight might get interesting.

Nadeshot Vs TenZ duel when?

In his post, Nadeshot says, “See you on launch day” which many believe to be at the Valorant console beta test launch date that is set to begin on June 14 which isn’t that far away. On top of that, the sacred rule of no backsies has also been invoked by Nadeshot which means that players are likely to get to see the two in action very soon.

This is also not the first 1v1 rodeo for Nadeshot, as he was previously involved in another 1v1 sniping challenge against FaZe Banks in Call of Duty. Unfortunately, he lost the duel and while this match may come as another chance for him, TenZ is much better and he himself knows and acknowledges this fact.

However, what came with this was some premium entertainment garnering thousands of viewers. The same is expected to happen this time around and will likely result in a fun game for the viewers regardless of the outcome.