LoL fans poke fun at damaged Hall of Legends trophy for Faker

Riot Games takes a huge backlash from the community once again after fans point out damages to the Hall of Legends trophy handed to Faker during a press conference.

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Faker with Hall of Legends trophy (Source - Korea Now YT)

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Faker’s name as the first League player in the League of Legends (LoL) Hall of Legends was a thing to be celebrated, and the player recently received his trophy from Riot Games. However, fans were quick to notice some issues with the trophy that eventually led them to make fun of the situation.

After the video of the press conference regarding his achievement started making rounds over the internet, fans notice some damage to the trophy and were baffled that it made it to the podium on that condition, let alone be handed to Faker.

Damn.. Fakers Hall of Legends trophy is already damaged.

by u/GrafGorroff in leagueoflegends

There were visible scratches and dents on the trophy that might have been the result of shipping or bad handling. The fans started another controversy around the matter, criticizing Riot Games for this behaviour and calling it embarrassing and highly disrespectful towards Faker.

Others also mention the recent $400 Arhi skin that Riot announced in the name of Faker and criticized the company for selling an overpriced skin while not being able to quality control during Faker’s prestigious moment. The Faker Arhi bundle costing 59,260 Riot Points also saw a similar backlash from the community, with many claiming that they would not be supporting this greed in the name of Faker.

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Riot Games responds to the situation

Following this uproar, Global Community Manager for Riot Games clarified that the issue was also noticed by the Riot Korea team. Thankfully, there was a backup replacement which was given to Faker later on instead of the damaged one, so the player now have the one without any scratches or dents.

Despite the quick action, fans pointed out that the issues should not have been there from the start, and they should have checked the trophy before presenting it to Faker. A few defended Riot Games, saying these things go through shipping and handling, which can cause these issues and isn’t a big deal.

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