Crowd cheers and RRQ activates in third game of Free Fire group stage day 2

RRQ Kaze becomes the first team to secure three wins at the Free Fire Esports World Cup group stage day 2 after defeating Twisted Minds in a 4v4.

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RRQ Kazu Esports World Cup

RRQ Kazu takes another victory at Esports World Cup (Image - YouTube)

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After a much slower start in the opening two games, RRQ Kazu is back with a bang, taking home their third Booyah win against Twisted Minds who recently hyped the fans with their insane 4v4 clutch win against P Esports at the Free Fire group stage day 2 for Esports World Cup.

RRQ has been one of the strongest contender in the ongoing Group Stages. The team secured back to back victories in the opening matches of the first day that helped them reach the third spot. Although the team did not manage to break into triple digits.

The third match on Day 2 saw Abay made an insane move and outplay Smingch with his unmatched movement. Rest of the Twisted Minds were also ganged up by RRQ members from all directions, which did not give them a chance to revive or comeback.

Twisted Minds, who took one of the biggest wins of Day 2 were completely shut down with the only sound coming from the fans cheering on RRQ Kazu. This victory has now brought them much closer to the ones on top. However, since this is only group stage matches, their only priority should be to remain in the top 12, which does not seem to be a problem.

Top three teams remains the same

Following the conclusion of the third match, the top three teams in the overall leaderboard have once again went back the way it was in the first day. This also gives us a glimpse of which teams could have an upper hand in the grand finals.

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However, the upcoming Points Rush matches can also play an integral part. Teams that are able to gain a good lead might be able to secure the grand prize and lock themselves for the Free Fire World Series Global Finals 2024.