Twisted Minds in 4v4 duel against P Esports at Free Fire Esports World Cup

Twisted Minds secures their first Booyah after an intense 4v4 gunfight against P Esports in the second match of Free Fire Esports World Cup group stage.

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Twisted Minds Esports World Cup

Twisted Minds clutches the second game of Free Fire Esports World Cup

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Twisted Minds have now taken a huge win over P Esports in the second match of Free Fire Esports World Cup group stage. In a chaos filled match, P Esports were looking to silently take their first win of Day 2, however, Twisted Minds went inside the chaos and brought back the pain for them in a final 4v4 stand-off.

P Esports were doing great and even held the advantage of high ground over Twisted Minds. For a while, both teams saw an equal exchanges, however, an insane clutch from XPOZY saw multiple players of P Esports on the ground to bring the first Booyah for the team.

Once again, Group C came out on top, telling us that the upcoming games may be a bit more challenging for the teams in Group B. However, there are some proven veterans in both group and regardless of the outcome, the game is all set to be interesting for the fans.

Buriram United Esports making a comeback?

After a big upset in the opening match of Day 2, fans demanded Buriram United Esports to switch gears and the team complied, taking home 12 kills. While the team wasn’t able to take home the victory, it does tell us that their previous wins weren’t a fluke.

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Buriram United Esports also secured the second spot during the Free Fire World Series 2023 overcoming the likes of LOUD and RRQ. The Esports World Cup is set to give one team a direct spot at the FFWS Global Finals, and they are aiming for that spot. The team still holds the top spot and might be looking to keep it the same way in both the group stages and Grand finals.