Champions of Day 1 sees an early elimination in opening match for Free Fire Esports World Cup Day 2

Buriram United Esports see an early walk to the lobby after being eliminated by Team Solid in the opening match of Free Fire Esports World Cup Day 2.

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AGG Free Fire Esports World Cup

AGG takes opening match of Free Fire Esports World Cup (Image - YouTube)

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The second day for the Free Fire Esports World Cup group stages has begun and surprisingly, the champs of Day 1, Buriram United Esports, were the first ones to go down in a heated battle against Team Solid who announced that it is their time to shine.

Team Solid then went on to reach the final two among the twelve team with ten kills, however, they were unable to take away the Booyah as All Glory Gaming ganged up on the all the remaining who were at numbers disadvantage and took home the victory.

This loss did come as a big hit to the Buriram United Esports as their rivals, LOUD, had a very decent kill count and standing previously and is gaining lead on them. If they want to gain back the lead, the team will need to switch gears, as the new group of players also seems to be providing a good challenge.

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As for All Glory Gaming, the team haven’t made much of a mark in the Free Fire esports scene, however, now is the time to show what they can do as Esports World Cup is as big as once can get a chance to prove themselves.

Group C to give their opponents a hard time?

Prior to Day 2, no one really had any idea how will Group C do against Group B, after all, the top three teams on Day 1 were from Group B giving everyone an idea of whom to look out for at the Fire Esports World Cup.

However, the opening match for the second day saw Group C with an upper hand, if they are managed to keep this up, there is a good chance that the current top teams might be under threat. Furthermore, this is also the last chance for Group B teams to make any progress, as Day 3 will see Group C clash with Group A.