Brazilian, Indo and Thai Free Fire pros dominate Esports World Cup Group Stage Day 1

The first day of Free Fire Esports World Cup saw group A and B clash as BUE secures the biggest win for the day and secure the top of the leaderboard.

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Free Fire Esports World Cup Day 1

BUE and LOUD dominates Free Fire Esports World Cup Day 1

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The First day of the Group Stage matches for the Free Fire Esports World Cup championship between groups A and B was dominated by teams from Brazil, Indonesia and Thailand. The top six spots after the first day saw a similar pattern, with two teams in particular dominating others.

Day 1 saw each team play six matches, with the opening match secured by Rex Regum Qeon (RRQ) Kazu with the highest number of finishes. RRQ is one of the most popular Asian esports organizations and to prove that, the team went on to take another win in the second match.

Following that, Buriram United Esports also activated to take the third victory and put themselves in the race. The team secured a second spot in the first match and has been making some steady progress until this moment. The fourth match saw them secure the third spot, but with a significant number of kills, while Brazil’s LOUD took home the win.

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Buriram United then secured their second match in round five and while not back-to-back as RRQ, it was the biggest win for the day with 19 kills that shot the team on top of the leaderboard. The final game saw P Esports take home their first victory, while LOUD and Buriram United once again secured second and third spots.

Top 6 spots see equal distribution

The top six spots saw two teams each from Brazil, Indonesia and Thailand. LOUD and RRQ are quite popular, and while Buriram United is fairly new, they also have a number of achievements in their books. It remains to be seen if the second day will also see the same teams rise above or a surprise jump on the leaderboard from another team.

Here are the Day 1 standings at Free Fire Esports World Cup

Buriram United Esports 122
LOUD 103
RRQ Kazu 91
All Gamers 86 64
EVOS Divine 60
P Esports 58
RETA Esports 49
Hotshot Esports 47
Fluxo 41
ONIC Olympu 32
19esports 21
Twisted Minds 0
Team Solid 0
Al Qadsiah 0
All Glory Gaming 0
Gaimin Gladiators 0
Team Falcons 0