Amazon reportedly dropping Prime Gaming Rewards for Overwatch 2

After Call of Duty and Valorant, Overwatch 2 is also losing its Amazon Prime Gaming partnership after the OW 2 rewards page disappeared suddenly.

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OW 2 Amazon Prime Gaming

Overwatch 2 Prime Gaming Rewards are no more (Image - OW2)

Prime Gaming Rewards for Overwatch 2 are reportedly being discontinued. This comes after the players noticed that the page was removed from Amazon Prime Gaming rewards. A popular Overwatch news account of X, Overwatch Cavalry, also reported the same.

In their recent post on X, Overwatch Cavalry wrote, “Amazon has chosen not to renew several of their promotions, and with no upcoming rewards listed on the website, we don't expect to see any more free skins with Prime.”

The prime gaming rewards were monthly in-game drops that Amazon Prime members receive. Not only Overwatch, many other games are also a part of prime gaming. Alongside these rewards, players can also get free games across multiple platforms like GOG or Microsoft Store.

However, this is not the firs time a game is leaving the Prime Gaming roster. In the past, games like Call of Duty also had Prime Gaming drops but were discontinued. Back in December, Riot Games also announced that Amazon has decided not to renew this promotion and drops across their games will be not available after March 2024. Although this time, there hasn’t been any word from Blizzard.

Fans have hilarious reactions

Overwatch 2 release with a lot of criticism, mainly due to the game being less than what was promised to the player base. Despite that, players still game them a chance, which was again met with disappointment. While the game still have an active community, everyone displayed their frustration with an overwhelmingly negative review on Steam.

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With the prime gaming rewards gone, players did not shy away from making fun out of the situation. “OW2 really is the biggest failure of any competitive shooter, already starting to lose brand deals,” one of the fans said, while another wrote, “even Amazon know it’s not worth caring about this game”.