WATCH: Max Verstappen unveils special 'Orange Tribute' helmet for upcoming Spanish Grand Prix

After the race at the Canadian Grand Prix, Max Verstappen revealed a big surprise for fans as he unveiled a special helmet for the upcoming races.

Shubham Shekhar
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Max Verstappen's special Helmet

Max Verstappen's special Helmet (Source: X)

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The dominance of Red Bull Racings and Max Verstappen is increasing day by day. After two weeks of hiatus in Monaco and Miami, Verstappen is back on a winning track with a blistering performance at the Canadian Grand Prix. 

However, after the race, Verstappen revealed a big surprise for fans as he unveiled a special helmet for the upcoming races. In a video shared by his handle on social media platform X, Verstappen said, “A tribute to all the fans. My Orange Helmet for 2024.”

Watch Max Verstappen unveiling his special helmet:

In the video, Verstappen said, "This helmet means a lot to me. It's a tribute to all the support from the fans. There are a few special races in Europe, with a lot of orange fans. There I will wear this helmet."

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"As you can see, from the details on the helmet, you can see the fans in the background. Very orange and very shiny. Hopefully, you guys like it too. Maybe you'll be at the track and who knows, maybe you'll be on it next year!"

‘They are really impressive’, says Helmut Marko

Amid the ongoing season, Max Verstappen has dominated the track to the fullest. However, Red Bull Racing’s chief advisor Helmut Marko believes that Verstappen and Sergio Perez are not the most dominant duo on the track.

Speaking about it to Le Journal he said that McLaren duo is more impressive. He said, “They (Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri) are both young, focused and hungry. At the moment, they get along well and work well together. One day they will compete for the championship title, both drivers and constructors. We have only just seen the beginning. He has a bright future ahead of him."

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