Lando Norris tops FP1 in a rainy session in Montreal

Lando Norris gets the fastest lap in the first free practice session before the Canadian Grand Prix. Fastest man in the wettest conditions in Montreal which was challenging for every driver.

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Lando Norris (Source- Getty images)

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There are still a lot of races left in Formula 1 this season and we are very close to the Canadian Grand Prix as well. This is another big race that we all will be looking forward to in the next few seasons. It has been a great season so far where the competition between the drivers has got tougher and tougher this season.

Though we all are hyped up for the big race, we first have to go through some practice sessions to prepare for the big event. The first practice session has just been concluded and this was perhaps one of the toughest races in the season, where the conditions were wet. It is safe to say that this was close to a nightmare for many racers and it was tough for everyone to take control of their cars in this slippery and stormy weather.

Lando beats the weather in FP1

This was clearly a tough race for any driver on the day and the man to get the fastest lap was Mclaren's Lando Norris on this occasion. The young and upcoming driver already made headlines by winning the Miami Grand Prix this season and was the best driver on the day with a timing of 1.24.435. The next two drivers behind him were Ferrari teammates Carlo Sainz who was the second fastest while Charles Leclerc was the third fastest on the day. The next two people on the list were the two multiple-time world champions Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes who finished with the 4th fastest time and Max Verstappen of Red Bull ends up as the 5th fastest, which marks another underwhelming performance by the two.

There were also a few surprising results in this practice session where we saw experienced drivers Daniel Ricciardo and Nico Hulkenberg also having a terrible time on the track. This by far was a brutal race in some terrible conditions which saw many drivers struggle, but it was still great to see Norris showing his potential on the day.

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Lando Norris Canadian GP