'I've seen that a lot from media...'- Esteban Ocon responds on being sidelined for Canadian Grand Prix

Esteban Ocon to not take part in the upcoming Canadian Grand Prix this season. The top-ranked Alpine racer is to make way for Jack Doohan in the upcoming race.

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Formula 1 season has always been known for speed thrills and the racers have to be the fastest on the day to be one of the best in the tournament. However, there are also some mishaps and accidents that could happen, which could damage the chances of the racers as well. There have been some big crashes in the F1 races that have caused a lot of damage even to one of the best drivers in the business.

The same thing happened among the Alpine team drivers Esteban Ocon and Pierre Gasly in the Monaco Grand Prix as both the drivers collided with each other. This caused a big issue among the racing experts who were outraged by the French racer who cost the whole team a lot in the big race. This was one of the most disastrous moments in the season that we have ever seen and the racers would like to forget.

Ocon answers sidelining allegations

Taking the incidents under consideration, the FP1 which is set to begin will not be featuring Ocon. The Frenchman will be replaced by Jack Doohan for the races. Speculations are running around that the collision is the reason for Ocon to be sidelined in the upcoming event. The former 2021 Hungarian Grand Prix winner is in the stories of various news channels on what seems like a punishment for what happened in Monaco.

However, Ocon has answered on this matter stating, "I've seen that a lot from media, and it's not the case at all. As drivers, we have to give as a team, we have to give to FP1s to a rookie. And, I'm giving mine to Jack Doohan here." This statement suggests that Alpine racing is only following rules in giving rookies some practice sessions. Ocon has made it clear that the incident in Monaco does not have anything to do with him sitting on the sidelines in the FP1 before the big Grand Prix in Canada which is coming up.

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