Will Joe Hendry appear on upcoming episode of NXT?

WWE: In the promotional video for the upcoming episode of NXT, Joe Hendry's name appeared. It's worth wondering if he would be back in NXT as per the expectations.

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Will Joe Hendry appear on upcoming episode of NXT?

Will Joe Hendry appear on upcoming episode of NXT? (Source: X)

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Joe Hendry could appear in the upcoming episode of NXT. The star wrestler featured on the promo for the upcoming episode of the yellow brand. It signifies his potential presence in the upcoming episode. WWE has been teasing his second appearance in WWE for quite a while now. But he might well show up at NXT after what happened earlier this week.

In the main event of NXT Heatwave, Ethan Page claimed a win to become the new NXT Champion. A bit of luck helped the emerging star on his way to triumph. Soon after the show, there was a bit of surprise for the fans. Before the show went off air, Joe's face appeared for a second. The fans went crazy for it. Many felt it was a spoiler for his return to WWE

It will be Hendry's second appearance on NXT. His debut happened during the Battle Royal to be the number-one contender for Trick Williams. In the 25-member match, Hendry was targeted by all 24 participants and was eliminated in under a minute. The 'over' wrestler blamed the entire NXT for being up against him. He left the arena saying that he could appear on any show in the world. 

Will Joe Hendry challenge Ethan Page for the NXT title?

It's a good way for NXT to further strengthen the partnership between WWE and TNA. Hendry is the most popular wrestler in TNA currently and can get 'over' among the fans in a quick time. The fans received him well on his debut. It is worth wondering what he could do on his return. The best possibility would be him challenging Ethan Page for the NXT Championship.

After all, his name appeared after the title match at Heatwave. It would be a good testing ground for WWE to see if Joe can manage to enter the main rosters and get the crowd behind him for promos and matches. There is a lot of demand from the fans to see him in the main rosters like Raw and Smackdown. The time is not too far when he doesn't just appear in these shows but also features in the PLEs like Survivor Series.

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