Was NXT Heatwave better than Money in the Bank 2024?

WWE: NXT Heatwave turned out to be a great show. The fans loved the booking and quality of matches from the yellow brand and they felt it was better than Money in the Bank.

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Was NXT Heatwave better than Money in the Bank 2024? (Source: X)

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NXT Heatwave turned out to be a great show. All the matches were brilliant and had good endings. The fans could not relate that with the Money in the Bank 2024 which had a lot of botchups and wrong bookings. Hence, an opinion has been formed online about the quality of the two shows. It is worth wondering if NXT Heatwave outperformed Money in the Bank. 

Usually, NXT PLEs turn out to be great due to the focus on matches. NXT Stand and Deliver had better quality matches than WrestleMania XL on an overall scale. But it's the story that drives the fans to watch PLEs of Raw and Smackdown. This time around, there were so many decisions that went beyond the fans as far as MITB is concerned.

The quality of the matches was great. All the matches got the approval from the fans till the end. However, the result of all matches was disliked by fans. There were some controversial moments in the Money in the Bank. On the other hand, Heatwave had clean matches and the fans appreciated it more than the main PLE upon viewing. 

NXT Heatwave's ending is cherry on top

The quality of matches in Heatwave was top-notch. From the beginning, it was maintained. For instance, even the men's tag team match turned out to be great which was not expected by many. Moreover, the result of each match went well with the fans. The only match from the Money in the Bank that outperformed Heatwave's matches was the women's Money in the Bank match. 

It wouldn't be wrong to say that NXT delivered better this weekend compared to Raw and Smackdown. After NXT Stand and Deliver, the yellow brand did not witness a great PLE in the Battleground. But it's a gold comeback for Ava and Shawn Michaels. The ending of the show was like the icing on the cake where they got to see a glimpse of Joe Hendry. No wonder why the fans approved it to be a better show than MITB.

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