Tony D'Angelo beats Charlie Dempsey in 5-round thriller to become new NXT Heritage Cup Champion

WWE: Tony D'Angelo is crowned the new NXT Heritage Cup Champion. In the Main event on NXT, he overcame Charlie Dempsey in a 5-round thriller to emerge victorious.

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Tony D'Angelo

Tony D'Angelo (Source: X)

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Tony D'Angelo defeated Charlie Dempsey to become the new NXT Heritage Cup Champion. As the head of the two dominant factions of the roster had brawls with each other in the past few weeks, it set the stage for the match between the two to settle the deal. The main event match between the two was scheduled with 5 rounds of 3 minutes each to decide the winner.

In the first round, Tony was dominant. Dempsey tried to control the match but in vain. Tony showed better skills in countering Charlie. Tony delivered a big hip toss but Dempsey survived and kicked out at two. Tony was impressive in the first three minutes. In the dying moments of the first round, Tony D'Angelo delivered a victory roll and pinned Dempsey to claim a lead of 1-0.

The second round was evenly fought. Dempsey though came with a bit more intent. He was determined to equalize. However, Tony did not give up. Despite having the momentum on his side, Charlie could not pick up a win. With a few seconds left in the round, Dempsey attempted a Danielson special. Just when Tony seemed to tap out, the time was up.

Tony D'Angelo wins thriller

In the third round, it was a must-win situation for Dempsey. The round did not last long. Charlie made good strides into the match and looked good. He made a return to the match by claiming a win via pinfall. The fourth round was evenly contested. Tony looked to tire out Dempsey and was successful in doing so. For most parts of the round, it seemed like Charlie would tap out.

D'Angelo was close to claiming a win in the fourth round. His victory roll was enough to tire out Charlie. However, he was a bit too late to hold on to the cover. When the second count was on, the time was up. Tony wasted no time to start the fifth round and attacked Dempsey right from the word go. Charlie looked tired and Tony took the advantage to claim a win.