'I want my friend to retire healthy' - Claudio Castagnoli reveals reason behind leaving ring midway during Bryan Danielson's promo

AEW: Claudio Castagnoli left the ring midway when Bryan Danielson gave the promo on the reason behind taking on the Elite. In the backstage, Bryan's friend gave the explanation for his actions.

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Claudio Castagnoli opened up on leaving the ring midway through the promo cut by Bryan Danielson. For the first time since the AEW Dynasty match against Will Ospreay, Bryan was in action. He teamed up with his friend Claudio and took on the Top Flight. After claiming the win, Danielson praised the emerging talents for their performance. Castagnoli was in the ring with Bryan.

After the match, Bryan started to address the attack of The Elite on Tony Khan and Kenny Omega. He regarded it to be against the 'principles' of the company. As a result, Bryan decided to team up with the AEW to take on the Elite. Castagnoli, who was seemingly happy with Bryan till then, had a crack in his smile. He silently left the ring to everyone's surprise.

Danielson continued his speech and claimed his love for AEW to be the reason behind opting to take part in the Anarchy in the Arena match. Later in the night, Castagnoli was asked about his move. Claudio was happy for the return of Daniel, his friend. The former WWE Superstar then revealed the reason behind leaving the ring despite Bryan addressing the crowd.

'I want my friend to retire healthy' - Claudio Castagnoli

Castagnoli claimed that it was not right on the part of Daniel to take part in the Anarchy in the Arena match. It is one of the most grueling types of faceoffs in Wrestling. The last time Bryan was in the ring in such a match, he nearly survived a potential death. Claudio was not pleased with the fact that Bryan decided to risk his life for the sake of the match.

Castagnoli appreciated Daniel for taking shots at the fag end of his career. He did acknowledge that Bryan must fight the Elite. However, the Swiss was of the opinion that the Anarchy in the Arena match was not the type of match Daniel should have opted for. In the promo, Daniel claimed that he was ready to take risks due to his love for the company.

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