TNA x WWE reunion as The Rascalz show up at NXT and stop Wes Lee from quitting

WWE: Wes Lee was sad with his loss to Oba Femi at NXT Heatwave and was about to quit the company. That was when The Rascalz showed up on NXT and had a reunion.

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TNA x WWE reunion as The Rascalz show up at NXT and stop Wes Lee from quitting

TNA x WWE reunion as The Rascalz show up at NXT and stop Wes Lee from quitting (Source: X)

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Wes Lee and The Rascalz reunited in the latest episode of NXT. It was a reunion of the former North American Champion and the TNA tag team stars and the crowd totally loved it. Wes hasn't had a good time and it seemed like he was upset by it. Lee came up to the ring and recalled about his shot at the North American Championship and was not happy that he couldn't reclaim it.

Lee lost to Oba Femi for the second time in a PLE. But the loss in Heatwave hurt him the most as he couldn't reclaim the title despite giving his everything. It seemed like Lee was about to quit NXT. The way he addressed the fans seemed bad. The crowd started to chant "No" and "Please don't go". Just when Wes was about to say something, in came the Rascalz.

A loud pop arose as the duo entered the arena to the surprise of a broken Lee. He badly needed it and the duo motivated their former tag partner. Wes said that he missed the duo a lot. The Rascalz claimed that they missed him too. But they added that it wasn't about him but about Wes Lee. They claimed the star wrestler to be the greatest North American Champion of all time and motivated him. 

Gallus vs The Rascalz on NXT next week

Wes had his smile back and the trio ended their reunion by their iconic Litle Rascalz sign. The Rascalz claimed it was time for them to wreak havoc on NXT. Backstage in the locker room, the trio seemed to recall of their good old days. That was when Gallus interrupted and addressed them. While they appreciated their reunion, Gallus claimed they were up for a trouble time.

It seems like the Rascalz will have the first match on their reunion. Next week on NXT, a 6-man tag team match is set to take place between Gallus and The Rascalz. It must help Lee to regroup himself and get back into the action. They have a challenge against a dominant force like Gallus led by Joe Coffey who show no mercy to their opponents.

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