The final boss and the Tribal chief assert their dominance, Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins taken down

WWE: There was chaos all around in the main event of Monday Night Raw, as the tribal chief and the final boss took down Seth Rollins and Cody Rhodes, almost like a trailer ahead of the WrestleMania XL.

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The Rock and Roman Reigns had the final laugh in the main event of the biggest Monday Night Raw. In a packed house in Brooklyn, the final boss and the tribal chief took down the duo of American Nightmare and Seth Rollins. The match between Seth Rollins and Solo Sikoa was booked earlier the night which had no ending due to the interruption of the Bloodline members.

The main event saw a good match. Seth dominated Solo right from the start and took him down with no respite. Solo did return, but could not last longer. Tables and chairs were used by the two which excited the fans. Just when Seth was set to pin Solo, Jimmy interrupted and super kicked the World Heavyweight champion. That was when Jey Uso came out to assist Rollins.

As promised, Jey had the back of Seth. Just when it seemed like Jey was set to finish the business with Jimmy, the final boss arrived in the scene and took him down. The great one then went towards a battered Rollins. That was when Cody Rhodes made his entrance and took down The Rock. Just when the duo of the visionary and the American Nightmare aimed to finish the great one, the tribal chief made his appearance.

Belt treatment for Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins

The WWE Universal Champion helped The Rock to recover himself. He took on both Seth and Cody with ease. The head of the table delivered a superman punch to Rollins and followed it up with a spear to his WrestleMania XL Night 2 opponent. And it was not the end of the torture for the duo of Seth and Cody.

The 10-time champion took out the belt having the name of 'Nightmare' on it. He gave the opportunity for his cousin to smash the two with the belt. The brutal attack saw crowd chanting 'CM Punk'. As the beating neared the end, the crowd chanted 'Rocky sucks'. The duo took down Seth and Cody to send a clear message ahead of the WrestleMania XL match out. 

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