WATCH: Thamiko Fatu, son of Rikishi and brother of Usos and Solo Sikoa in action

WWE: A video of Thamiko Fatu in action has gone viral on X. The emerging wrestler is the brother of Usos and Solo Sikoa and the son of former star wrestler Rikishi.

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WATCH: Thamiko Fatu, son of Rikishi and brother of Usos and Solo Sikoa in action

WATCH: Thamiko Fatu, son of Rikishi and brother of Usos and Solo Sikoa in action (Source: X)

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A video about Thamiko Fatu's in-ring skills has gone viral on X and other social media platforms. The son of Rikishi made his debut in the ring last year and is growing well in stature. Reports claim that Thamiko is likely to be the new addition to the Bloodline. And he does seem to be ready to make his WWE debut. In the footage, Fatu displayed his brute strength and terrific skills.

Thamiko delivered the Samoan drop, super kick, Uso splash, and some other moves that are usually in the arse of most of the Bloodline members. His finisher seemed to be inspired by that of his father Rikishi. Even by looks, Thamiko seemed to be similar to Rikishi. If what reports claim are to be believed, Fatu might be another significant addition to the Bloodline which can make them powerful.

Watch the viral video here -

That leaves Roman Reigns with the Usos. But to get even them behind him would be a difficult task for the Tribal Chief. It was Jey who left the faction due to the toxicity. It will be difficult for Roman to convince Jey to join his faction. Even Jimmy Uso is currently injured and might need a bit of recovery time before he can address the aggression of the Bloodline.

The never-ending story of the Bloodline

Thamiko will not be the last member of the Bloodline. Rikishi alone has 9 sons all of whom are capable of being wrestlers. Different sources claim different numbers. But there is room for an entire roster filled with the Samoans. In the days to come, the Bloodline family will be ruling Smackdown all by themselves. Solo might have just started a Civil War that could never stop.

In fact, even the future generations of the family look set with several talented names. Roman Reigns, Solo, Jey, Jimmy, Jacob Fatu, and other members of the Bloodline have a lot of kids. It points to only one possibility. The story of the Bloodline could never end till the end of WWE. The current generation might be playing a significant role in it.

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