'Somebody take Roman's and Seth's phones' - Fans react as Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins have fun banter on X ahead of Wrestle Mania XL

In an unexpected exchange on social media, the WWE Superstars and current world champions, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins, have a funny banter that has the attention of the fans.

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Roman Reigns has replied to the latest tweet of Seth Rollins on X. The two world champions have been having fun on X currently by having a funny banter. It all started when Seth Rollins went back down memory lane and replied to his tweet which was a promise made by him for himself. "I will main event #WrestleMania one day. And we'll change the world together," an April 2012 tweet from Rollins read.

As a reply to the tweet, Rollins posted the image which featured the Wrestle Mania XL poster of the main event featuring the two former mates from 'The Shield'. Back then, Rollins might have thought him to be headlining the main event as a tag partner of Roman. As fate has turned out, the visionary is up against the Tribal Chief in the greatest tag team match of all time.

Follow the segment of tweets here -

Roman had a funny dig at Rollins. The revolutionary posted the poster tweet, and Roman replied with a tweet in which he trolled his former mate with a statement "The 40-year-old virgin starring Seth Rollins," which had the fans. Seth did not hold back and was quick to have a go at the WWE Universal Champion. He posted one of the main events of the past featuring both of them.

"Moment you became a permanent number" - Roman Reigns

It was the main event of the Wrestle Mania XL where Roman and Brock Lesnar fought for the world title. Toward the end of the match, Seth made a surprising entry with his money in the bank contract and pinned the two tired wrestlers to become the world champion. It is regarded as one of the greatest Wrestle Mania moments of all time by the fans till date. 

Seth took a dig at Reigns and claimed it to be the greatest Wrestle Mania moment of the Tribal Chief. The Head of the table did not hold back and took a dig at the former architect. "This is also the moment, u became a permanent #2. Turn losses into lessons kids!" wrote Roman on X as a reply to the comment of Seth. The funny banter is on progression between the two Superstars. 

Here's how the fans reacted to the banter of the two world champions -

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