Reports suggest potential return of Jimmy Uso since Bloodline's attack

WWE: A few reports have claimed the potential return date of Jimmy Uso. The former tag team champion was taken out by Solo Sikoa and Tama Tonga and hasn't been in action since then.

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Report suggests potential return of Jimmy Uso since Bloodline's attack

Report suggests potential return of Jimmy Uso since Bloodline's attack (Source: X)

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Some of the sources have spoken about the potential return of Jimmy Uso. All of them have pointed at the former tag team champion returning to action this Friday on Smackdown. While some of them have credible sources, others are not. But the rumor is that Jimmy is set to appear on the blue brand for the first time since he was taken out by the Bloodline.

One of the reports from Xero News claimed Jimmy to be medically clear to return to action. "Jimmy Uso has been cleared today for return; expect him back very soon," claimed the report. One of the officials from the stadium where the upcoming episode of Smackdown is set to take place in Orlando claimed that Jimmy would return to action later this week. 

"The arena that is hosting Smackdown this Friday has accidentally spoiled that Jimmy Uso would be this Friday at Smackdown. Will try to get the picture as soon as possible," a report stated as a quote from the stadium's official. Another report has claimed that Jimmy could appear well before SummerSlam to establish the dynamics between the old and the new Bloodline.

Why Jimmy Uso was out of action?

Jimmy was kicked out of the Bloodline by Solo Sikoa and Tama Tonga. The star wrestler was attacked by the duo for losing to Jey Uso at WrestleMania XL. The elder Uso suffered a massive injury and has been out of action since then. After him, Paul Heyman was also taken out by Solo and Co. for failing to acknowledge Solo as the Tribal Chief.

Sikoa then rose to the Head of the Table and challenged Roman to try and take away the throne from him. Hence, one can expect the story of the Bloodline to evolve where Jimmy is likely to kick off the civil war. In all likelihood, the elder Uso is likely to return to action before SummerSlam. Things are likely to heat up in the next few weeks. 

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