Repetitive Miscommunications, ominous signs of Judgement Day's breakdown in making?

WWE: A backstage segment from Judgement Day witnessed something similar which happened the last week. It seems like the miscommunications are a norm in the faction.

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Is Judgement Day approaching towards the end? Some of the recent segments have shown signs of disintegrating sooner rather than later. Judgement Day was formed with the motive of being a family. The members - Damian Priest, Finn Balor, Dominik Mysterio, Rhea Ripley, and JD Mcdonagh came together to rule the company. So far, they fulfilled their roles for most parts. 

Damian Priest won the Money in the Bank last year. While he has failed to cash in, on numerous occasions, he still has a chance to do in the days to come. Besides that, he had won the Undisputed tag team title with Finn Balor as his partner. Rhea Ripley has been one of the most dominant Women's World champions in the history.

The trio has made Judgement Day proud with their achievements. At one point, Dominik Mysterio was the North American champion. However, he lost the belt in the process. McDonagh being the latest addition has been impressive in some of the matches. Together, they have formed one of the most dominant factions. Lately, not everything seems to be on track as far as the Judgement Day is concerned.

Miscommunications ominous signs of disintegration?

Last week on Monday Night Raw, there was a miscommunication between Dirty Dom and other members of Judgement Day. JD McDonagh failed to beat Ricochet with the assistance of Dirty Dom, who went to Friday Night Smackdown to aid Legado Del Fantasma. It seemed like the rest of the members of Judgement Day were unaware of what was to transpire. 

When Dirty Dom informed of what transpired, Rhea was unhappy, because of a miscommunication. Earlier this night, Dirty Dom invited Legado Del Fantasma on Monday Night Raw to meet all the members of Judgement Day. Damian Priest was so angry with Dominik and asked him to stop doing stuff without the approval of every member. While Ripley tried to talk with Priest, it raised questions about the integrity of the faction.

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