Raw's ratings go down against NHL and NBA Playoffs

WWE: Monday Night Raw's ratings for the last two weeks have gone down owing to some key playoff games. NHL and NBA have better following due to the context.

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Monday Night Raw's ratings have fallen a bit in the last two weeks due to the playoffs of the NBA and NHL. Being one of the most popular sports in the USA, the NBA attracts a wide range of audience, especially in the Playoffs. As a result, Raw recorded its biggest dip since the end of the Football season in September 2023. The show still did reasonably well in 18-49.

Raw attracted a viewership of 1.53 million people and did a 0.53 in 18-49. The NBA had some of the important matches in the night. The match between Boston Celtics and Cleveland Cavaliers was watched by a lot of people. The match was watched by about 3.24 million people and 1.01 in 18-49 on TNT and Tru during the first hour of the Monday Night Raw.

Additionally, there were 8,53,000 and 0.53 viewers for Tru in the same period. For the game between Oklahoma City Thunder and Dallas Mavericks, there were 3.64 million viewers and 1.30 in 18-49 on TNT. On Tru, there were 700,000 viewers and 0.34 on Tru. The NHL Conference Semifinal between the New York Rangers and Carolina had 1.83 million viewers and 0.59 in 18-49 on ESPN.

Lack of star presence on Raw

After the two NBA games and the NHL semifinal, Raw was the fourth highest-viewed cable. In the last week, there was a dip of two percent. In 18-49, there has been a dip of one percent. For the first two hours, there were relatively fewer viewers. In the last hour, the viewership picked pace due to the attendance of Jey Uso, Ilja Dragunov, and Gunther

Last week, there was CM Punk, one of the biggest stars of the company. His absence cost a lot for Raw. The viewership did not take a dip in the last year despite the competition from the NBA Playoffs. In 18-49, there was s a dip of 8 percent, which was not normal. The viewership for each hour was 1.64 million, 1.64 million, and 1.48 million viewers respectively.

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