NXT talents eager to work with TNA wrestlers - Reports

WWE: The association of NXT and TNA seems to be blossoming well. Following the latest entry of Jordynne Grace to the company, there has been a reciprocation of interest from NXT talents to work with TNA wrestlers.

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NXT talents eager to work with TNA wrestlers

NXT talents eager to work with TNA wrestlers (Source: X)

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NXT talents in WWE are interested in working with TNA wrestlers. The last few months have witnessed the crossover of TNA with NXT. The focal part of it has been Jordynne Grace who has been appearing in WWE in the last few months. It is being claimed that her entry in the women's Royal Rumble was decided just a week before the event took place.

Her performance in the show was appreciated by the personnel in WWE. However, TNA moving away from Scott D’Amore meant that the crossovers had to wait for a few months. In the last few weeks, Jordynne arrived in NXT for the second time in the year. She will be taking on Roxanne Perez for the NXT Women's Championship in the UFC Arena at NXT Battleground.

Her current run in NXT has been appreciated by the fans who have witnessed the brute strength of the wrestler. Even after the Battleground, she is likely to feature in the promotional shows of WWE. It was not the only instance of TNA's crossover with WWE. Mickie James was a part of TNA when she appeared in WWE, though her contract was not confirmed when she was a part of the event.

WWE and TNA crossovers

TKO has given room for a lot of crossovers. In some of the interviews, WWE Superstars mentioned their interest in working with the TNA wrestlers, and vice versa. Natalya expressed her wish to work with Jordynne. Likewise, a source from NXT claimed TNA's Steve Maclin to be a candidate with whom they can work, given his knowledge of the developmental process of the roster.

According to the latest report, many such wrestlers have wished to work with the TNA wrestlers in the near future. It could lead to some great crossovers that can define the future of TKO as a board. One should not be surprised if there is a surprise entry of wrestlers in the upcoming PLEs of WWE like the Clash at the Castle, Money in the Bank, or Summerslam. 

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